Konstantin von Falkenhausen

Partner of B Capital Partners AG

 Konstantin von Falkenhausen, has been a director of NTIC since November 2012.  Mr. von Falkenhausen is currently a Partner of B Capital Partners AG, an independent investment advisory boutique focused on infrastructure, public private partnerships and clean energy.  From February 2004 to March 2008, Mr. von Falkenhausen served as a Partner of capiton AG, a private equity firm.   From March 2003 to February 2004, he served as interim Chief Financial Officer of Neon Products GmbH, a privately held neon lighting company.  From May 1999 to February 2003, Mr. von Falkenhausen served as an investment manager of West Private Equity Ltd. and an investment director of its German affiliate West Private Capital GmbH.  Prior to May 1999, Mr. von Falkenhausen served in several positions with BankBoston Robertson Stephens International Ltd., an investment banking firm.  Mr. von Falkenhausen is a citizen of Germany.  He has a Masters degree in economics (lic. oec) from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and an MBA from the University of Chicago.  We believe Mr. von Falkenhausen’s qualifications to sit on the Board of Directors include his experience with several private investment and equity firms that have invested in early stage companies, which the Board of Directors believes is helpful in assessing and operating NTIC’s newer businesses, and his financial expertise, which the Board of Directors believes is be helpful in analyzing NTIC’s financial performance.

Independent Director